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Friends, my name is Akki, now I’m 30 years old. This incident is of that time .. When I was 18 years old. There are two characters in this story. One and the other my teacher Nadia. Nadia was a very sexy lady. The senses would fly away. When I used to read in the school, at that time she was 25 years old and she was married for only a couple of years. There was also a small child of Nadia teacher who was 8-9 months old. Her husband used to work in Dubai and had little to travel to India. Probably used to visit 3-4 times a year.

Nadia sex storyI was very weak in science and mathematics. which also led to tuition. Nadia teacher taught tuition at home and there used to be 12-15 boys and girls coming there, she also gave home work. Because I was very weak in studies. So I used to stop for a while after tuition and he would explain me. So far, I have never had any sex fencing. But one day it happened that I had not been tutored for 3-4 days and the day I went on. that day there was a holiday on tuition and no one came.

I knocked on the door and Nadia opened the door. Nadia Teacher – Today is a holiday. No one has come. I- I did not know, sorry. Nadia Teacher – Let’s not do anything. I was also getting bored and you have not even come from so many days, no. I explain to you the question of mathematics and you can go to the house and make a solution.
I- OK. After that I went into her house and said Nadia Akki. You continue to study. I’ll be a little frozen. After a while, Nadia came to the bath and she wore a white shirt and a skirt which she had till her knees. in this dress she was looking very sexy.

We both were sitting on the couch. and they were explaining to me. suddenly my pen fell down and I was raising the pen from the bottom that my eyesight went inside her skirt. she was not wearing anything down. I was watching someone’s pussy for the first time. I kept watching him. Nadia looked at me and she understood what I was doing. First of all, they are a little screaming – Akki. what are you doing!

I said – nothing. That quote – Let’s get up and solve the question. After a while, her baby started crying and she left from there and she brought the baby. Now I saw that she was going to open her 2 buttons above her shirt and was Nadia storyfeeding her baby. her milk was falling down from the mouth of a lightweight child and Nadia’s white shirt became slightly wet. Because of which his mammals were showing. Now she started feeding the baby with another mommy. My attention was right there. Because I was seeing it all for the first time, I was very excited and my land started to stand. I was wearing a short but did not wear underwear and had a small size.

Nadia looked at my shorts and laughed and said – What happened, Akki. Your meditation is not in studies?
I said – yes. and I was asking you if I can go home? Nadia dialect – stop now. There is so much rain outside. I call your house and speak to your mother. you stay here tonight. tomorrow morning I will leave you home. I was very happy and both of us ate dinner at night and kept talking like this and watching TV. Now she was sticking with me and the buttons on her shirt were open. My lond was standing and then suddenly he slowly kept his hand on my 7-inch land and asked – Why is it standing?

I used to say bindaas – when you were giving milk to your baby. It has been standing since then. Madam gave his milk She said in a drunken voice – Akki. Do you think of drinking milk too.? I also spoke in the same way – yes . That quote – well okay. He took off his shirt completely. I kept watching him.

Hi. what were Mmmm. I immediately took one of his mommy in my mouth and started sucking. I was having a lot of fun. He was crying ‘Aahah. aaah aaa aaa… That quote – how are you feeling? I said – very good. That quote – let me show you even more good things. He got up again and went in and brought ice cream and put it on his mum and said, take it now, Akki. eat it, cut it. I have been troubled for the time. Come to drink my milk. Aaah.

Then suddenly she put ice cream on my lond. I was looking like a tickle. I opened my land. After that he started sucking my land in my mouth and after sucking for a while, I went down in his mouth and he drank my cargo and started eating my sweet ice cream. After this we both started kissing each other. Then he became completely naked and put the ice cream in his pussy and said – Akki licking it. eat it.

Nadia sexI started licking his ice cream on his pussy and he closed his eyes with a lot and started shouting loudly – Ahhah. Ahahahh. aaah.

After a while, when she was about to fall. she pressed my mouth with her mouth and she fell down. His water came in my mouth. I drank it. There was a lot of salted merchandise. and there was also a test. He was lying down and standing for two minutes, just standing up and sucking my land.

Now my land stood again and she said, ‘Come on, let’s put this inside me and extinguish my thirst.’ I put my land in my pussy and started to put it inside and after a while I got burnt. We both were kissing each other loudly. and remained so. That night I was 2 times more stolen┬áThe only thing to keep the secret. after that I used to read the tuition every day. After all the people went away, I used to stay there and fuck her every day.A few years later she too went to Dubai. And we never met. Now I do not have any number of her too.Don’t know, how this my true story, I will definitely email me.

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