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Hello friends, ( Lost a lot, found a lot Sex Story ) my name is S. K. Choudhary and I am from Agra. I am 21 years old, my color is blonde i.e. I am attractive in appearance. I have read many of you people’s sex stories. Then I too decided to tell my story to you all. I am writing your true story. If you have any mistake then forgive me. My story is a long time ago when I used to study in school. My school was about a kilometer away from the house. Then there was trouble in going to school. I talked to Papa for the bicycle. Then Dad gave me a new bicycle. That bicycle was small. I used to enjoy it very much. Now I went to school daily with bicycles. You can also read अगले दिन मैंने शेल को छोटी पोशाक पहनने के लिए कहा.

Lost a lot found a lot Sex StoryA few days later my bicycle key fell somewhere in the school and my key was found in a school girl. This thing has been told to me by my friend that he has the keys of your bicycle, he used to study in another class, his name was Rajeshwari, So I went to him with his key. As soon as I went to him, I asked for my key. Then he said, ‘You will get the key but on one condition.

I asked – tell me what. He said – you will let me run my cycle daily in lunch. I did ‘yes’. Seeing him, I could not do ‘No’ for anything, Anyway. He was a very beautiful and sexy Hot goods. His pink cheeks thin-thin pink raspberry lips. Little mangoes like mummy and grueling goodneas are being injured. All the boys stared at him He was also very fond of bicycle. so he made me friends. From the second day he would keep my bicycle running in the school grounds in the daily lunch. Because of that bicycle, we had come quite a bit closer. Now I was very similar to him and used to talk. The friendship of both of us started moving forward and with this excuse, I had even kissed him a lot. Whenever I got a chance, I used to kiss him and his cheats also pressed. I already post – Know Orgasm मुझे कैसे पता चलेगा कि मुझे तृप्ति हो रही है? |.

His little cheeky cheetahs were very tough. As soon as he put his hand, he started jumping from the pain. Now slowly our discussion of friendship started walking in school. When I thought that our love story is now famous, I gave my mobile number to Rajeshwari and stopped talking to her in school. Now we used to talk only on the phone .. and he also stopped running my cycle now. So that nobody speaks anything about our friendship. Now our love story had gone a long way. And now we were getting tough to live without each other. Both of us lived in front of each other and were happy and separated when we became depressed and remember each other. Seeing this, my friend told me – it is good to be sad and crying that both of you run away and get married and stay together.

 found lot Sex StorySo I refused to do all this. But going home I kept thinking that it would be right to do this all night. Now I did not understand what to do. Then I called Rajeshwari and told me to run away from the house. Then he refused and told me to tell it the next day. Then we both finished the conversation on the phone..and slept. The other day I came back from school and spoke again at night. So today Rajeshwari agreed to run with me.

Now we both started planning to escape. On the second day, someone told Rajeshwari’s father about our love story and he had beaten Rajeshwari a lot and refused to talk to me or talk to me. But after the night everyone slept, we both spoke on the phone.

After that beating that day his phone came and he told me all the things. ( Lost a lot, found a lot Sex Story ) Then I started to get very angry at his father. I started to talk to him running and he too wanted to run away from home. Now we had planned to run away from school and on the second day I removed books from my bag and hid them and put our clothes in the bag. I also steal the money kept by Papa and went out to school. Rajeshwari also removed books from his bag and kept the cloth and took whatever money he had from his mother’s chest and home. He took it. Now we both meet at an intersection before school. One of my friends was with us in this work. He knew all about us.

found a lot Sex StoryHe left the railway station both of us with his bike and went to college. I took two tickets for Delhi and stood on the platform waiting for the train. Then Rajeshwari gave me my money and my mother’s jewellery. which he had stolen from his house. Now we had around 25,000 rupees and chestnut. After a while the train arrived and we both went out of the train to Delhi. I had already visited my maternal uncle here many times before. ( Lost a lot, found a lot Sex Story ) I had a lot of knowledge about Delhi and somewhere I had never been there. That’s why I thought it was better to go to Delhi.

Now the train reached Delhi from Agra in about 4 hours. When we came to Delhi, we got off the train and got out of the station. We both did not eat anything since morning. Now it was 3 o’clock and hunger was also very fast. So we went to a fast food shop and dosha and pastries, etc. and sat in the bus, both of us walked to Delhi. First we went to the Kutub Minar. Then went to India Gate and wandered there and continued to have fun.

Now we were strolling around 11 in the night and we were very tired. Now we wanted to sleep after eating. So both of us walked and started searching for the hotel. After a walk, ( Lost a lot, found a lot Sex Story ) we got a hotel and we booked room for one night for Rs 500. Put your luggage in the room and came out on a dhaba to eat food and Lost a lotafter eating food and then went to the hotel. From the reception, took the keys of my room and came into the room. After coming to the room, I filled Rajeshwari in my arms and started kissing him happily. Now both of us were very happy .. and why not. Now we were together and were free. Now we were not a preventive one.

Rajeshwari saved me from me and spoke to change clothes. Then I went to the bath. When taking bath and coming out of the bathroom, saw that Rajeshwari was asleep. ( Lost a lot, found a lot Sex Story ) I lay down beside him and I slept for a while. On the second morning at around 8 am, when my sleep was open, Rajeshwari came out after bathing and was naked and weighed his body with towel. Seeing her naked body, lust got in my eyes. Her milk-like blonde body and her little cheeky-like cheetahs, and the smooth and big bum kept watching.

You are reading this story on Intervals.com! His size was 30-26-30. Seeing him, I said – Wow, God .. What’s the thing you have made? It looks like a nymph of heaven. That After listening to my voice, I wanted to cover my body with the towel. Then I said – Now I have seen everything. Now by hiding the benefit. so he looked at me and smiled a bit and began to wear his clothes. Stood by and filled it in the arms and put it on the bed.

Lost a lot, found a lot Sex StoryI lay on top of her and began to kiss with her face and face. I used to caress her soft cheeks. His white body was like a cream, and a little blue was pressed down. I pressed his cheeks out loud and screams out of his pain. He pushed me in anger and pulled me off and stood up and dressed. I also went to the fury in anger. Now I started to think about the freshness of Rajeshwari, so my land stood. My land was about 6 inches long and 1.5 inches thick diameter. To date, I did neither fuck nor kneel anybody.

Today for the first time, I started taking the name of Rajeshwari with a name. Ahh. I was enjoying lot of fun and after some time my juice got out. I started feeling great. I thought it was so much fun to hit the fist. Then it would be very fun to kill the ass. I had started thinking of sucking Rajeshwari now. but Rajeshwari did not even let me do it. To make you aware of your thoughts Email me. Shouting is going on.

This Story Written by S. K. Choudhary.

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